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Monday, May 17, 2010

Children of the 90s Readers' Choice Childhood Movies: You Pick Your Favorites!

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Every time I do some sort of countdown list or compilation post, the comments end up chock-full of suggestions for alternative entries or challenges to the post's choices. In the spirit of making Children of the 90s a full-fledged, interactive experience, we want you to vote for your favorites. This may sound suspiciously to you like I'm asking you to do the heavy lifting, and you might be right. Don't worry, though, it's all in the name of effective group reminiscing. It all checks out as legit, I promise. We've looked into it.

I've already delved a bit into the Readers' Choice territory with last week's examination of popular 80s and 90s children's books, of which a post filled with your awesome suggestions is forthcoming. This Reader's Choice countdown, though, is a bit different. I was inspired by a conversation I had with a few friends about how the movies we loved so dearly as children may not measure up against the judgmental yardstick of time, but we tend to continue fervent reverence of these films nonetheless. Nostalgic value is pretty powerful--believe me, I've seen Encino Man and Teen Witch as an adult. The fact I was even able to make it through is a true testament to my childhood devotion. Some of those dancing sequences are pretty brutal.

Whether or not your favorite childhood movies have stood the test of maturity, there's something special about a film you loved unconditionally as a child. It will always hold a special place in your heart, probably just left of the arterial residual buildup left my Koala Yummies and Gushers. Even when you know deep down that some of these movies are not objectively good, that knowledge isn't enough to quell the swell of love you feel for it.

So, the public has spoken. Or rather, the public will speak. Or type. Something like that. Either way, it'll be fun, so come along for the ride. If this experiment fails horribly, I have plenty of untapped 90s material, but I thought it might be a fun twist. You let me know your top 3 favorite childhood movies, and then I think of a clever, humorous way to compile them in a grand countdown post.
Just in case you're still not totally clear on how to make your incredibly valuable ideas heard, I'll get things started with my own list. Feel free to judge, mercilessly, as I'm sure you will:

1. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
2. The Princess Bride
3 Troop Beverly Hills

My boyfriend rightly pointed out that my incredibly skewed childhood viewpoint is one-sided--the girl side. I can't help it, I'm a girl. He made me promise to give a shout-out for Independence Day, just in case any males out there are gagging at my choices. Sorry about that. Feel free to add your own testosterone-tinted selections to balance out the frilly sentimentality of my own.

So knock yourselves out, 90s kids. What were your top favorite childhood movies? Drop your list in the comments, and I'll write something worth your while on the top choices. At least that's the idea--it requires a little bit of action on your part. Let the interactivity begin!

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