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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Welcome the Next Entrant in the Glamour Shots Challenge

Please welcome to the ring our next formidable force in the Glamour Shots Challenge, Emily! Though her parents were obliging enough to let her take some Glamour Shots when she was in just third grade, her mother wisely censored the more suggestive poses. Here's the result of that compromise between Emily's mother and the JonBenet-leaning stylists:

The accompanying description Emily sent in was so funny, I just had to include it:

I got these taken in the third grade around Christmas '93 and I distinctly remember being able to choose from 4 different looks. I could get either the fuchsia sequined blazer "jacket nab", the purple boa "over the shoulder", the studded denim blouse and biker cap "resting on one arm" or this...thing. I call it "I'm going to be a sensible Realtor when I grow up".

Needless to say, it's obvious my mother picked the most conservative image. Too bad because I was really gunnin' for that purple boa look. I was also disappointed in the lack of Xuxa inspired 'fashions' on my visit to the Glamour Shots closet, Xuxa being my idol at the time.

For the record I am now neither a realtor, nor sensible.
While the amount of hairspray in her hair could probably set an entire building aflame if she stepped to close to a flickering candle, the GS staff definitely did give her the toned-down version of their usual suggestive offerings. Emily's description is certainly apt, as her clothing, jewelry, and facial expression give a message that falls somewhere between "Let's go check out the refurbished breakfast nook" and "I'm looking forward to your vote this coming election day." Her hair says, well, it says gravity is simply a suggestion. A suggestion her stylists chose to not only ignore but defy with their scultptural scalp-top piling methods. I'm not even going to mention those mini-mall bangs*.

Thanks to the non-sensible, non-realtor Emily for her fabulous submission. Remember, if you have any old 80s or 90s Glamour Shots laying around the house, scan 'em and send 'em in to for the Glamour Shots Challenge!

*Except right there, when I mentioned it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Ultimate Glamour Shot

Though Shannon's been the only brave soul so far to grace us with her amazing personal photos for the Children of the 90s Glamour Shots challenge, I did just receive a stellar tip from reader Renata. I could not live with myself if I didn't share this with my loyal readers, for fear of depriving you of the most spectacular glamour ever shot by mall studio stylists. Are you ready? I really hope you're ready, because there's nothing I can say that could prepare you for this moment of pure Glamour Shots glory.

I have long been a fan of Awkard Family Photos, but somehow I must have missed this Glamour Shots gem. There's really no excuse for me dropping the ball on this one, because it's far too precious for me to have ignored. Bless me, Awkward Family Photos, for I have sinned. It has been 2 months since my last visit, and in this time I missed the mother (and daughters!) of all Glamour Shots.

Disclaimer: None of these fine jacket-nabbers are my readers, though I wish they were. If you ladies are out there, I implore you to make contact. You are my Glamour Shot posing heroes.

Behold the queen of all 90s Glamour Shots, a look Renata has wisely dubbed the "Quadruple Jacket Nabber." That's right, not one, not two, not three, but four simultaneous signature GS jacket nabs. I think the dead-eyed get-me-out-of-here expression on that girl second from the end says it all.

And look, that girl on the far left has the very same jacket they gave Shannon in her photo shoot. I guess their national wardrobe consultant felt this was an item each store simply could not live without. "Alright guys, it's going to be the studded jean jacket with the lace sleeves for all of our major markets. Let's throw some triple-reinforced collars on those babies while we're at it. These beauties have got to have the strength to withstand the constant nabbing."

If any of you are still harboring Glamour Shots, I urge you to surrender them for the greater good of 90s children everywhere and email them to Many thanks to Renata for the GS tip!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let the Glamour Shots Challenge Begin!

We have our very first taker in the Glamour Shots Challenge! I can only hope there are more entries on the way. Get out those scanners and send your most wildly embarrassing 90s Glamour Shots to!

Our first brave soul is Shannon, one of my favorite bloggers out there. For those of you who don't know her, she's the esteemed proprietor of a wonderfully snarky Sweet Valley High blog. She always has me laughing, and in her willingness to laugh not only at Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield and friends but also at herself she volunteered the following photos:

Who would have thought it would be so visually pleasing to pair the hair of a young DJ Tanner with the attire of Fred Flintstone? I'm telling you, these stylists are pure genius. Also, that's an A plus head tilt if I do say so myself.

Oh, oh, oh, there is totally a fringe on that jacket, too! Nice touch, GS. They gave Shannon the cowgirl biker look with pageant hair and earrings from the evening gown competition to match. An original pairing indeed.

The jacket nabber! You all knew it was coming, but who knew it would come with the added bonus of studded denim vest/cuff combo jacket with lace sleeves? That button glare could put an eye out, too. Well played, Glamour Shots.

The Over the Shoulder Smolder! Luckily her photo stylists had the good sense to let her smile in lieu of staring come-hitherly into the camera. After all, she was only fourteen. This shot gives us the full effect of the hair and the jacket, and let me just say it's a 90s Glamour Shot dream.

Obviously a huge round of virtual applause to Shannon, the first taker in what better be a long string of entries. I'm looking at you, readers. If you've got 'em, send 'em!

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