Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Welcome the Next Entrant in the Glamour Shots Challenge

Please welcome to the ring our next formidable force in the Glamour Shots Challenge, Emily! Though her parents were obliging enough to let her take some Glamour Shots when she was in just third grade, her mother wisely censored the more suggestive poses. Here's the result of that compromise between Emily's mother and the JonBenet-leaning stylists:

The accompanying description Emily sent in was so funny, I just had to include it:

I got these taken in the third grade around Christmas '93 and I distinctly remember being able to choose from 4 different looks. I could get either the fuchsia sequined blazer "jacket nab", the purple boa "over the shoulder", the studded denim blouse and biker cap "resting on one arm" or this...thing. I call it "I'm going to be a sensible Realtor when I grow up".

Needless to say, it's obvious my mother picked the most conservative image. Too bad because I was really gunnin' for that purple boa look. I was also disappointed in the lack of Xuxa inspired 'fashions' on my visit to the Glamour Shots closet, Xuxa being my idol at the time.

For the record I am now neither a realtor, nor sensible.
While the amount of hairspray in her hair could probably set an entire building aflame if she stepped to close to a flickering candle, the GS staff definitely did give her the toned-down version of their usual suggestive offerings. Emily's description is certainly apt, as her clothing, jewelry, and facial expression give a message that falls somewhere between "Let's go check out the refurbished breakfast nook" and "I'm looking forward to your vote this coming election day." Her hair says, well, it says gravity is simply a suggestion. A suggestion her stylists chose to not only ignore but defy with their scultptural scalp-top piling methods. I'm not even going to mention those mini-mall bangs*.

Thanks to the non-sensible, non-realtor Emily for her fabulous submission. Remember, if you have any old 80s or 90s Glamour Shots laying around the house, scan 'em and send 'em in to childrenofthe90s@gmail.com for the Glamour Shots Challenge!

*Except right there, when I mentioned it.


Shannon said...

Oh man, I'm so glad somebody else finally sent in a picture!

Emily, I'm so sorry your mom made you wear that awful vest. It totally looks like something Murphy Brown would wear.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Oh my god! That's awesome. And suddenly I feel like a loser because my mom was too poor to let me do glamour shots! If someone is making a list on why poor kids are disadvantaged- let's put lack of glamour shots on there.

Come on people- send these in!

Talia said...

Man, if I have kids I'm going to MAKE them wear a vest like that... Just to spite them for growing up in a vest-free environment that is the post-90's.

dragonzflame said...

Part of me wishes we'd had this Glamour Shots thing in New Zealand. But I know my mum would never have let me do it, and a part of me knows that I probably wouldn't have wanted to anyway.

The best I ever got was a T shirt at Ripley's Believe It or Not in LA when I was about 7, where they take a photo and superimpose some costume onto you. In my case, a princess veil and a tiara. That was cool.

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