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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Children of the 90s is Proud to Present...

I have a terrible confession to make. Despite all of my wonderful blog friends being gracious and kind enough to bestow generous blog awards on me, I have been as of late somewhat of a selfish award-taker. That is to say, I have done a terrible job of passing along these awards because I tend to have trouble fitting in the meme-ishness into my daily posting schedule.

Then suddenly, it hit me. I conceived of a brilliant and generous plan/scheme a la Zach Morris. Here's my moment to freeze the action and speak directly to the camera in pure defiance of the fourth wall.

I could make my own award.

Someone has to start these things, right? What if I, Children of the 90s, created my own award?

There were criteria, of course, for creating this award. For one, it needed to fully encapsulate and represent 90s cheesiness. Also, it needed some sort of horrible, cringe-worthy pun. If I was going to create it, well, then, it had better reflect all my god-awful punnery.

So, after innumerable focus groups and endless market research, I am proud to present the Children of the 90s award for excellence:

The Write Stuff.

I know, I know...this song was most popular in 1989. New Kids on the Block were legitimately an 80s-90s enterprise, and I stand by my decision to use their cheesy likeness in my award...mainly because it works with the best pun I thought up. You don't want to see the list of rejects.

Yep, I totally made that and there's no taking it back now. Display it on your profiles with pride. Oh, and I suppose it should come with some rules, so here you go:

Give it to whomever you'd like! Alright, we're good on this, yes? Without further ado, several bloggers who most certainly have the write stuff:

Fever Formerly Jakezilla, Lora's blog is truly one of the funniest out there. She covers a full gamut of topics and speaks her mind in a way that always cracks me up.

Well Okay, Sassy Britches! Love her blog, and don't miss her hilarious Birdcage-esque profile description--it's what drew me in in the first place :) Oh, and she'll teach you all about culverts.

Muppet Soul Muppet's was one of the first blogs I got into, she tells a great story and is always very funny.

Couture Carrie A fabulous fashion blog, for all of you who are into that kind of thing. I know I am.

Teasingly Diverse Just an all around great blog, check her out!

Get a Pencil and Your Casebook Thank you, Sadako, for starting this amazing blog. It's new (she also writes Dibbly Fresh) and features some of my favorites, namely Ghostwriter and Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Wild ARS Chase He had me sold not only on his abundant 90s knowledge, but first on his Snuggie photo spread. Brilliant. He's already 'fessed up his iTunes embarrassments, so hopefully the NKOTB picture won't throw him too much.

Insomniac Lolita Andhari just wrote about NKOTB today, how appropriate! She also does amazing hip hop of her own, and writes an all-around great blog.

Would now be a totally inappropriate time for some shameless self promotion? I'm leaning toward yes, absolutely, but what the heck, I'll go for the plug:

Did you know you can be a fan of Children of the Nineties on Facebook? I know, I know, control your excitement. It's tough to keep it all inside, but don't go all Jessie-Spano-on-caffeine-pills on me just yet. You're so excited, you're so excited, you're so...scared? I hope not. I know the whole Facebook fanmanship has gotten out of control, what with our news feeds crammed to the brim with useless declarations of people being fans of Sleep, Hot Showers, or Not Being on Fire. Again, that's Children of the Nineties on Facebook. Have I exhausted the number of times I'm allowed to post that link? Looks great on newsfeeds!

Oh, and you can also vote for Children of the 90s in the 2009 Blogger's Choice Awards. You know, if you ever felt the urge. No pressure.

Okay, that's probably enough of that. The real story here is go check out those blogs, they are wonderful! For all of you lurkers out there, stop by and say hi. You probably have the Write Stuff and I don't even know it yet. Thank you and good night!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seven Things...

Just an Everyday Bitch tagged me as a fellow Queen of All Things Awe-summm. I'm honored, thrilled, and still salivating over the glorious pronunciation guide-type spelling of "awesome".

The rules are that I am supposed to list seven things that make me (in this case, all children of the nineties) awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who you think are fabulously awesummm.

Seven things that make children of the nineties Awe-summm:

1) We had it first.

Flannel. Headbands with enormous bows. Jelly sandals. These kids today may be unaware, but we know the truth.

2) Nickelodeon.

I know it's been said time and time again, but reiteration never hurt. The network that gave us a talking popsicle stick, Weinerville, and Roundhouse will forever live in our hearts. Okay, well, it's still on the air, but it's magic has faded substantially.

3) Young adult book series.

Sweet Valley High. Animorphs. Babysitter's Club. Goosebumps. A million Full House series. These book people knew how to market.

4) Pluto.

In our day, we knew to call a planet a planet.

5) The internet (1.0).

Children growing up today will never experience the magic and wonder of listening to that dial-up modem noise as they watch the running AOL logo bring them to pure chat room heaven.

6) The economy

I think the picture speaks for itself.

7) Irresponsible advertising

Why not sell cigs to kids with a super suave cartoon camel? Or use scantily clad teenagers in provocative poses to sell jeans? It made perfect sense at the time.

I am pleased to bestow this award to:

Fidgeting Gidget

A Look Behind My Eyes

Philly & Me (and I promise I will get back to your tag soon, as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do with it! )

A Thrifty Girl's Guide to the Kitchen

Are You There Youth? It's Me, Nikki

Life is a Marathon

The Wife in Stilettos

If you haven't checked out this blogs yet, they come highly recommended!

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