Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seven Things...

Just an Everyday Bitch tagged me as a fellow Queen of All Things Awe-summm. I'm honored, thrilled, and still salivating over the glorious pronunciation guide-type spelling of "awesome".

The rules are that I am supposed to list seven things that make me (in this case, all children of the nineties) awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who you think are fabulously awesummm.

Seven things that make children of the nineties Awe-summm:

1) We had it first.

Flannel. Headbands with enormous bows. Jelly sandals. These kids today may be unaware, but we know the truth.

2) Nickelodeon.

I know it's been said time and time again, but reiteration never hurt. The network that gave us a talking popsicle stick, Weinerville, and Roundhouse will forever live in our hearts. Okay, well, it's still on the air, but it's magic has faded substantially.

3) Young adult book series.

Sweet Valley High. Animorphs. Babysitter's Club. Goosebumps. A million Full House series. These book people knew how to market.

4) Pluto.

In our day, we knew to call a planet a planet.

5) The internet (1.0).

Children growing up today will never experience the magic and wonder of listening to that dial-up modem noise as they watch the running AOL logo bring them to pure chat room heaven.

6) The economy

I think the picture speaks for itself.

7) Irresponsible advertising

Why not sell cigs to kids with a super suave cartoon camel? Or use scantily clad teenagers in provocative poses to sell jeans? It made perfect sense at the time.

I am pleased to bestow this award to:

Fidgeting Gidget

A Look Behind My Eyes

Philly & Me (and I promise I will get back to your tag soon, as soon as I figure out what I'm going to do with it! )

A Thrifty Girl's Guide to the Kitchen

Are You There Youth? It's Me, Nikki

Life is a Marathon

The Wife in Stilettos

If you haven't checked out this blogs yet, they come highly recommended!


KLo said...

This made me want to go down to my basement and crack open the box of "Sweet Valley High" books. Seriously, it's almost a complete collection (I'm so lame :-)). Wonder what I'd have to pay someone on eBay to take it : )?

marathoner81 said...

OMG...AN AWARD!!!! YOU ARE JUST TOO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! (Sorry for shouting...I was excited!)

P.s. I loved my jelly sandals more than anything growing up!!!

Trixie said...

I still watch 90s reruns on Nick at Night, they always seem far more superior than most shows now.

I also loved jelly's. They were cheap and stylish... can't go wrong with that? Oh and you can't forget they way the smelled new.

Andhari said...

Gorgeous! I love headbands and jelly sandals. No boybands on the list? lmao

I so read Animorphs and SVJH.

nikki said...

Sweet! Thanks for the award! I will hopefully have a few moments to blog this weekend!

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I totallm loving yours!!

Lady Jane said...

Wow...I really need to use spellcheck!!

Lindsay said...

Your blog is hilarious! Baby-sitters club books were totally my fave!

Awesome Sara said...

Congrants on your award!!!

Mr. Condescending said...

this post was awesome, you really couldn't have answered those any better! I miss the 90's!!

Autumn Twig said...

what a wonderful post! I LOVED my jelly sandals and yes i was addicted to sweet valley for a long time... :)

Nic said...

You ARE awesome!
I can always count on this blog to brighten my day. LOVE the nineties nostalgia! Especially the stuff I'd forgotten about then I see it on here and I'm like OMG!!
So keep up the good work :)

Badass Geek said...

Animorphs was pretty badass.

Not any more badass than Stick Stickler, though.

ashley-cita said...

Those are all very awe-summmm. :-)

Today's jellies are designer. The heck? The 90's version cost, what? $10. LOL.

Oh and, my grandmother introduced me to the interwebz via Prodigy. Holy moly, that was like Internet 0.5.

Shannon said...

i couldnt agree with you more! congrats on the award!

Kristina said...

Okay, I will work on this list this weekend. Don't worry about my tag, it was a hard one.

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