Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, You Will be Missed

Regardless of your take on his personal life, it's undeniable that Michael Jackson was an immensely talented artist. The King of Pop deserved his title for his unending string of catchy, original hits spanning from the late 70s to mid 90s. Though his life became a complicated and unhappy one, he should certainly be recognized for his innumerable achievements. Unfortunately, we will never get to see his comeback tour. RIP, Michael Jackson. You will be missed.

I leave you with the video that once gave me weeks' worth of nightmares but I have since come to love. From the best-selling record of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Feel free to dance along:


Little Ms Blogger said...

Isn't it amazing that he still has the best selling record of all time after all these years? My sister reminded me of that this morning and I had totally forgotten that fact.

Anonymous said...

RIP MJ! Thriller is just one of those songs that you can put on and magically turn a crappy day into a great day.

BZ said...

It's weird that there is a random loon call as a background sound effect in this song

Anonymous said...

I wrote about the nightmares I had for weeks from Thriller, too!!! Awww RIP MJ! The guy speaking in the video creeped me out the most when I got older, but the werewolf scared the crap out of me as a kid.

Ali said...

It is seriously unbelievable.

Moonjava said...

I loved Thriller! I loved all of MJ's older songs, it's so crazy that he's gone and he was pretty young.

Lopez said...

RIP Michael Jackson.

I was reading comment boards the other day to a question that said 'how will you remember MJ' and there were so many negative, hateful comments that made me so angry.

This guy had such a sad life. He is the perfect example of 'money can't buy you happiness'

Michael Jackson was the full performance package. I wasn't a HUGE fan, but after listening to so many radio stations paying tribute to him with his songs, I realize that there are SO MANY songs that he did that were fantastic. Songs that can't be replicated by anyone.

As crazy as his behavior may have been, he will be missed. Michael Jackson was a legend.

Sadako said...

RIP Michael.

Thriller was, I agree, an amazing video. I saw it again last night, and it still kind of gave me the creeps! They were all works of art.

Okie said...

Definitely going to miss his talent. I wasn't terribly keen on his newer stuff, but I owned 3 or four of his ~80s albums and still listen to them from time to time.

He was fabulous and definitely raised the bar in many ways.

Unknown said...

r.i.p. micheal jackson. I don't care what everyone said about him. Micheal jackson was my hero and icon and he will be missed indeed.

thriller will always be one of my favorite songs of all time.

r.i.p. to vincent price, who was behind that voice in thriller also. another actor that i miss.

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