Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Stick Stickly to Hold You Over for this Long Weekend

Happy Summer, y'all! In the spirit of summertime laziness, Children of the 90s is going on vacation a day early. Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you totally high and dry. I will never let my own laziness stand in the way of you getting your prescription-strength daily dose of 90s nostalgia.

As the major pervasive theme around here this week has been summer (and, for some reason, Sister, Sister--I just got creative) here's a lovely little slice of 90s Nickelodeon summertime greatness. I'm proud to present Nick in the Afternoon popsicle stick icon Stick Stickly in his very own half hour special, "Oh, Brother!" I can safely place it in my top ten full-length popsicle stick starring made-for-TV specials. Okay, maybe top eleven. Either way, it's pretty cute. Enjoy!

That's all I've got for you on today--it's vacation time. Well, technically, stay-cation, but there will be pool sessions and barbecues aplenty. If any of you are lucky enough to be going on vacation for this long weekend, feel free to brag about your plans in the comments section to make the rest of us very, very jealous. Have a great Memorial Day weekend (to those of you in the States) and we'll see you back here Tuesday!


Adorably Distracted... said...

hahaha do you remember the wheel? And I think stick stickly was on it and they would spin it in the afternoons so you watched whatever he landed on! I loved Nickelodeon

You Did Whaaat?! said...

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Stacie said...

My father used to get so mad about Stick Stickly. He still gets mad about it -- "I come home from work and my children are sitting around the TV watching a POPSICLE STICK!"

coulrophobic agnostic said...

Stacie, I literally just guffawed out loud. We WERE an easily amused bunch. But damn I'd give anything to have Stick back on TV - even watch the current Nickelodeon garbage!

RAY J said...


my friend just made a picture of Stick Stickly saying "Simmer Down" as her Facebook avatar earlier this week too!

LOVE it!

Cory said...

I loved Stick so much. I used to watch Nick in the Afternoon everyday, largely because I wanted to see what Stick and his friends were up to. My family (including my mom and dad) loved Stick so much that we made Christmas tree ornaments of him that we still hang on the tree to this day.

I will admit that the fact that we were so mesmerized by a bunch of popsicle sticks is sort of strange though.

Hannah said...

Found your blog and LOVE it. I'm curious if you're from the Midwest (as I grew up there, mostly) - my southern friends don't find this blog anywhere near as hauntingly similar to my childhood.

I still know the damn song, 15 odd years later:

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