Friday, December 25, 2009

South Park's First Christmas Episode: Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo

Let me just say, the internet makes tracking down these kinds of things next to impossible. I have to scour foreign video sharing sites, struggling to ascertain which Russian or Chinese characters translate to "embed". I could never let you down in my quest to bring you a classic Christmas episode, though; I'd navigate hundreds of bootleg Chinese video sites just to bring you a little bit of no-copyright-intended holiday cheer.

This particular episode certainly isn't for everybody. It's rude, it's crude, it's downright ridiculous. Alright, that seems like fair warning to the easily offended. Enjoy!


nikki said...

My family still sings the Mr. Hankey song every Christmas....and my mom still proudly hangs the Mr. Hankey ornament my sister made her all those years ago.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

One of the best South Park eps!

Sadako said...

Heh. I remember my little bro used to watch this, and I'd get all grossed out (This was before I got into SP).

Happy Hols, Children of the 90s! :D

Andhari said...

I happen to like this episode hahaha. Mr.Hanky is by far one of my favorite characters in southpark christmas series, aside of Jesus himself of course :p

Christy said...

oooooh how I adore South Park.

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